Bridging Web2 to Web3

Supercharge D2C growth for brands in Web3 through utility NFTs. Launch NFT discounts, gift cards & memberships. Build NFT gated checkout experience for your Web3 customers.

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token gated content & Checkout

Create NFT based discount cards, reward programs and exclusive content

No code NFT creation platform, build utilities NFTs with customized smart contracts. Use our token gate technology & SDK to reward your customers with exclusive content & real world utilities.

Launched gamified marketing strategy

Aquire web3 users & boost customer loyalty

State of the art token verification technology

Integration with existing platform

Integration with e-commerce platforms such as Shopify

The first case for utility NFT, verify NFT ownership and get real world benefits

Build Token Gated check out experience

Seamless integration with Shopify for discount & user management

Allow users to seamlessly connect wallet and verify ownership

customizable interaction

Customize token gate Interface

Support major wallets login

Automatically redirect customers to the checkout page

built to power Data analytics

Track your token gate progress with ease

Full featured dashboard to analyze your token gate statistics. Easily learn about conversion rate.

Identify user profile according to transaction history

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